Dyscalculia Tutor Training online, now with more modules

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We are proud to announce that our Dyscalculia Tutor Training now has two new modules:

These modules are intended as additions to the Dyscalculia Tutoring Training Basic 1-1.
Many people have been waiting for these modules to be launched so they can start the Dyscalculia Tutor Training now with more practical content for their audiences.As an introduction we now offer a bundle of all three modules with 15% off:
Dyscalculia Tutor Training Bundle:
Dyscalculia Tutor Training basic 1-1
Tutoring Dyscalculia, Fractions, Decimals and Percentages 1-2
Tutoring Dyscalculia, Algebra Concepts in a visual way 1-3
All together for the price of $790 (one payment | life long access)Please see below for some details about these modules

Tutoring Dyscalculia, Fractions, Decimals and Percentages 1-2

In about 20 videos, totaling over six hours, Dr Schreuder explains in her own enthusiastic and clear way how to work with students who have Dyscalculia in explaining the Fractions, Decimals and Percentages. These topics contain some of the most difficult concepts for our students yet are of high importance, not only for their math school career but specifically for life as an adult. As usual the module is loaded with downloadable tools, activities, games and templates.

Tutoring Dyscalculia, Algebra concepts in a visual way 1-3

This module explains in about 7 videos, totaling about 4 hours, the best way to work with students with Dyscalculia on Algebraic concepts. As always the videos are stocked with clear demonstrations by Dr Schreuder of the methods she uses and has developed in over a decade of experience in the field. The downloads help to get you started immediately in your tutoring efforts. When she demonstrates tools she never fails to explain how to use them or where to get them. The documents with resources, templates, games, activities and tools complete this module.