We need Dyscalculia Tutors

The system to support students in school recognizes three levels of intervention:

Tier 1, this is what happens in class by the classroom teacher or a specialist teacher that comes in for certain topics.

Tier 2, this is what regular Math tutors do, they help students keep up with their current curriculum and help completing homework. They will use traditional methods like flashcards and explain material from the book a second and third time and in a slower pace to help the student who needs more time to get to understanding of the material.

Tier 3, this is where Dyscalculia Specialist Tutors come in. They will work on assessing the gaps in math knowledge that exist and go back to where the gaps are and work on remediation. They use visual spatial methods, special manipulatives and adhere to the golden rules of Dyscalculia Tutoring to ensure the student, over time, will be able to get to a functional level of math knowledge and be able to work required math modules within the limits of their learning disability.

Our Dyscalculia Tutor Training will get you up to the level to be comfortable to recognize students who have the math learning disability or Dyscalculia and be able to tutor them towards a level that will allow them to move forward in their school career and beyond.

If the difference in number  of publications between Dyslexia and Dyscalculia is any measure to judge, you’ll understand that there is a huge lack of Dyscalculia Tutors, see the picture below:

Dyscalculia Tutors can work for schools or independent. The rate Tutor charge varies but generally starts at about $60 per hour. Your investment in the training will be well worth it but more importantly help students to get the support they are being denied now, due to the lack of Dyscalculia Tutors.

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